After four months the works are continuing on the construction of the first part of the fourth section of the Boulevard of Europe, from Rumenački put to the future bridge over the canal. Mayor of Novi Sad Miloš Vučević was present when the elements of the overhead bridge were being laid on the section where the Boulevard of Europe meets the Privrednikova Street.

- President of the Novi Sad City Assembly and me are here today to mark the continuation of works on the Boulevard of Europe, together with the management of the Public Utility Company “City Roads” and Public Enterprise for City Construction and Development. This is a project of great importance for the city and today we are jointly sending a message that we will continue the construction of the Boulevard of Europe and not give up on the project, even though we are facing serious difficulties, especially when it comes to the financial aspect. The city will regulate all the obligations towards contractors and we are being assured that the boulevard will be finished despite the delays in the previous period – said the Mayor of Novi Sad Miloš Vučević, pointing out that this section of the boulevard, provided good weather conditions in the winter period, should be finished by the middle of 2013.

The total length of the section that the Public Utility Company “City Roads” is constructing is 882 meters, and besides the roadway, the section encompasses the construction of the overhead bridge and one roundabout. The works started at the roundabout at Kornelija Stankovića Street and Vojvode Stepe Street and currently the excavation works for the roadway construction are being performed in the length of 158 meters. The works encompass two roadways with two lanes each, pedestrian lanes three meters wide on both sides, bicycle lanes two meters wide on both sides, as well as installation of new public lighting.

Novi Sad, December 26th, 2012