Novi Sad Mayor, Mr. Miloš Vučević, and PC'' City Construction and Development” manager, Mr. Dejan Mandić, visited the “North 4” Work Zone where the activities on infrastructure furnishing of the said location are taking place.  Namely, the works on the construction of retention basins and leveling of a plot covering 8ha, intended for construction of commercial facility for the Lear Company have been completed, while the works on excavation of humus, subsoil planning and construction of sand embankments on the second plot, covering 6ha, are taking place, as well as the works on the construction of the sand embankment  for traffic roads 1 and 2, accompanied with a temporary bus turntable on the part of the “North 4” site.

This represents the most important investment project in 2016 because it includes complete infrastructure furnishing of around 190,000 square meters in the Work Zone “North 4”,  covering the stretch from the backside of  the ''Novi Sad'' Refinery to Belgrade-Subotica Highway. In the first phase, two construction plots of 8 and 6 ha will be equipped with infrastructure and in this context the construction of a production hall of 30,000 m² on a plot of 8 ha has been also envisaged.

- The construction of the Work Zone'' North 4 '' is the most important capital investment of Novi Sad, because, for us, it is of utmost importance to create new jobs for the citizens of Novi Sad. The City will not stop after the said 14ha, but we will rather continue to invest in the Work Zone and next year we will have a total of 38ha of the fully equipped construction zone. This is an example of how to run the economy of the City, because job creation fills the City's budget thus enabling resources for investing in development and regulation of the City. For me, this is the greatest success, because after several decades, Novi Sad has new factories that will hire people, but also the new Work Zone for potential investors - Mayor Vučević emphasized.

According to the words of the PC'' City Construction and Development” manager, Mr. Dejan Mandić, the procedures for selection of contractors for the construction of commercial building with landscaping and supporting infrastructure are being finalized, as well as the construction of the road surfaces, water supply, sewage system, storm sewer and public lighting on the part of the Work Zone'' North 4 '', and it is planned that all related activities will be completed by the end of October 2016. Likewise, Mr. Mandić positively estimated the determination of the world-famous US company to realize its production activities at the said location and employ over 2,000 workers in the facility of around 30,000m², which will certainly have a positive effect on other potential investors, which is why it is necessary to continue the activities in relation to the regulation of the Work Zone '' North 4''.

The second phase of the Work Zone '' North 4 '' regulation covers nearly 40 ha and it includes the works related to the leveling of the terrain and the construction of infrastructure facilities so as to create conditions for new investments in this Work Zone. We would like emphasize that this part of the Work Zone “North 4” area of 57.5 ha was transferred from the ownership of the Republic of Serbia to the City of Novi Sad, on the basis of the Conclusion of the Government of the Republic of Serbia from 8th October 2015; the site was assigned without compensation, with the aim of bringing the land in question to the urban development purposes.

Novi Sad, 16th April 2016