The Mayor of Novi Sad, Milan Đurić, together with the President of the Assembly of the City of Novi Sad, Jelena Marinković Radomirović, presented Vidovdan awards to students of Novi Sad primary and secondary schools who won national and international competitions during last school year. The students were awarded with the certificates of recognition, which are given out annually on Vidovdan and include a cash prize based on the winner's position.

- We customarily present our gifted and accomplished primary and secondary school students with Vidovdan prizes on the present day, one of the most significant days in our history. These young individuals will undoubtedly contribute to the growth and advancement of our nation and community with their knowledge and abilities. We are here to help them because of this, to provide them with the momentum they need to grow and pursue their goals of success. The Vidovdan Award was instituted in 2015 with the aim of incentivizing and rewarding high-achieving elementary and secondary school students. This academic year, the City allocated about 17 million RSD for these awards - said Mayor Milan Đurić.

Along with the Mayor, the principal of "Svetozar Marković Toza" Primary School and Teaching Staff president of the primary schools in Novi Sad Petar Narančić addressed the audience on behalf of all awarded Novi Sad schools.

- I have been a principal for a very long time, and I can state that the City of Novi Sad has shown such concern for elementary and secondary school children in the last 10 years. Novi Sad demonstrates its support for all children, particularly for those who opt to work rather than to be idle - said principal Narančić.

In the festive program, the choir of Elementary School "Đura Daničić" also performed, and student Katarina Vajagić, who is a student of the generation of Medical School "7th April" and who, in addition to Vuk's diploma, is also the recipient of a diploma for exceptional success in the Serbian language.

- We appreciate the City of Novi Sad's unwavering assistance to all students. This wonderful accolade just serves as motivation for us all to keep going and achieve some new successes - Katarina remarked.

A total of 976 students received 1,250 Vidovdan prizes this academic year; 567 of the prizes went to students in primary school and 683 to students in secondary school. Funds of 17,326,000 RSD were supplied by the City of Novi Sad for the aforementioned awards for the 2023–2024 academic year. In addition to these prizes, eight Vidovdan awards were given to students for outstanding performance in scientific Olympiads, international competitions, and European championships in the fields of sports and art for school-aged children. These awards were based on the Mayor of Novi Sad's Conclusion.

Novi Sad, 28th June 2024