TRIBUTE project - "inTegRated and Innovative actions for sustainaBle Urban mobiliTy upgradE"

Within the Interreg ADRION program, financed from ERDF and IPA II, funds were approved for the implementation of the project " -“ inTegRated and Innovative actions for sustainaBle Urban mobiliTy upgradE“

The leading partner is Politecnico di Milano, and other partners in the project are the City of Novi Sad - City Administration for Traffic, Municipality of Milan, City of Ljubljana, City of Maribor, City of Zagreb, Municipality of Patras, City of Sarajevo and Capital City Podgorica, and associated partners are the  Public City Transportation company Novi Sad, City of Igoumenitsa, District of Zagreb, District Tourist Bureau Zagreb, Tourist Office Zagreb and Regional Development Agency Ljubljana.

The main objective of the Project is to improve urban transport by developing more efficient transport services and solutions for sustainable mobility tailored to people's needs. The focus of the pilot project in Novi Sad is to create a mobile application and set up monitors at bus stops, which will provide the users of public bus transport on a certain bus line with information on arrivals and departures in real time, based on data from vehicles in which GPS devices will be installed. In addition, the users of the mobile application will receive information on alternative modes of transport (e.g. cycling) in order to meet individual needs in a sustainable way.

The total value of the project is 3.269.400,00 euros. The planned time for the realization of the project is 30 months (January 1, 2021 - June 30, 2023).

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