Mayor of the City of Novi Sad Mr. Miloš Vučević and Manager of the PC City Construction and Development, a.i. Mr. Dejan Mandić visited the beginning of the traffic surface construction works in the Cara Lazara Street in Futog, where traffic surface with drainage is being constructed, along with the water supply network reparation.

Since this street represents the settlement’s main traffic route, and since most of the settlements content is located along its path, the Cara Lazara Street is hugely overloaded, with large concentration of vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists sharing the same lanes.

- In the next 280 days we will ask the residents, primarily those living in the Cara Lazara Street, to be patient, since the City of Novi Sad and its Construction and Development Company, together with the Novi Sad Power Distribution, will execute a total reconstruction of the Futog’s key street. My expectation is that, following this deadline, Futog will get a true boulevard, functioning in its full capacity. Pavements will be replaced, also the street, bus stops, storm water drainage, water network supply, and the street will get an entirely new public lighting. This is a large investment in one suburban settlement, of which we are very proud, and its value VAT excluded is 180 million RSD – said Mayor Vučević.

Due to the regulation unevenness along its entire route, the project design divides the street into several parts. Due to this fact, but also due to the specificities and scope of works on both street- and subterranean infrastructure, the works will be executed in stages, in order to disturb everyday functioning of the population as least as possible.

According to the Manager of the PC City Construction and Development, a.i. Mr. Dejan Mandić, contracted works are pertaining to the part from the Fruškogorska to Partizanska Street, in total length of 1150 m.

- For this part, the works will be executed in phases. First phase is from the Pionirska to Partizanska Street and is some 500 m long. Second phase, from the Pionirska to Fruškogorska Street will be executed next year. For the entire route we planned a 6-m-wide street, parking spaces on both sides, 1.6-m wide pedestrian lanes, as well as two pairs of bus-stop niches. Apart from this, we will also solve the storm water drainage issue, by introducing the piping system, whose lines will be stretching along the middle of the street. Also, we will execute the cabling works, i.e. laying down of subterranean electrical installations, pursuant to the special contract with ‘Elektrovojvodina’ on joint investment – stated Mr. Mandić.

In Novi Sad, November 17th 2015