Mayor of the City of Novi Sad Mr. Miloš Vučević visited today the “Fruškogorski Partizan” Football Club from Bukovac, and handed over sports equipment to the young members of the Club, provided by the “Alekasandar” Company form Novi Sad. 
- I am very pleased that today, having donated this equipment, we managed to, at least somewhat, help functioning the “Fruškogorski Partizan” in Bukovac. I also extend my gratitude to the “Aleksandar” Company from Novi Sad for showing their social awareness and community responsibility, and participated in this effort. This Club, which exists for almost seven decades, is facing a rather difficult financial situation, and bearing in mind that the Club’s budget is limited and insufficient, the Club’s friends and donors met its need at the right moment. The equipment is donated not only to younger categories, but also for the A-selection, and we decided that our help be focused exactly to suburban parts of Novi Sad, so we can show the equal relation we have with residents of all parts of the City. I am convinced that good football will be played in Bukovac, and that the pitch will see as many children as possible, since it is in sports that children acquire true values. – said Mayor Vučević and appealed to other socially aware companies to help not only this, but other clubs as well.
Due to its dire financial situation, the Club had insufficient funds to purchase equipment for players. The donated equipment, among other things, includes jerseys, windbreakers, footballs, as well as football boots. The Club director Mr. Zoran Sladojević extended his gratitude to the City of Nov Sad and the “Aleksandar” Company, and also added that this equipment is of immense value at this moment for the club which next year celebrates its 70th birthday. 

In Novi Sad, August 28th 2015