Selection of 20 trainees for the EcoProfit Program 2012 – 2013 in Novi Sad

1. Background:
The city government of Novi Sad decided to implement EcoProfit in Novi Sad.
EcoProfit Novi Sad 2012 - 2013 is a consulting program financed by the Austrian Development Agency and the City of Novi Sad for 15 companies to realize projects to reduce costs and environmental impact. The focus of the EcoProfit method is prevention and reduction of waste and emissions instead of disposal and treatment. Within 8 months, 6 workshops are performed and 6 days of individual consulting per company are provided. Thus the companies get the know-how:
- how to build up an efficient project team
- how to make an Input/Output analysis
- how to perform a Cleaner Production assessment
- how to identify measures to reduce costs and environmental impact
- how to plan and realize measures to reduce costs and environmental impact

2. EcoProfit Trainee Program
EcoProfit Novi Sad provides a Trainee Program to qualify 20 interested candidates for environmental consulting in businesses.
The Trainee Program will take 10 months and contains:
- 4 days of basic training workshops
- 6 half-days (within 8 months) of training on the job as assisting consultants in EcoProfit-companies
- Monthly calibration for preparing the training on the job

The trainees have to:
- count with a bachelor degree minimum
- have technical background (e.g. engineering)
- show credible interest in providing environmental consulting services (Cleaner Production, Environmental Management Systems, etc.) in the future; experience in environmental issues desirable
- participate in all training workshops
- assist in consulting the companies
- fulfil assisting tasks between the workshops and the consultancy
- be perfect in written and spoken English (indispensable)
- advanced user of MS excel and MS word
- be openminded and dispose of good communication skills
The training is free of charge.

3. Timeframe and scale
- from March 2012 to January 2013
- approx 20 days

4. Application
Send CV and personal project references until 12th of March 2012 to following mail address: