Mayor of the City of Novi Sad Mr. Miloš Vučević received today at the Novi Sad City Hall our celebrated kick boxer Nenad Pagonisa, who won the gold medal at the recently held World Championship in Belgrade. Other two kick boxers who accomplished outstanding results in Belgrade, Tamara Bašić and Aleksandra Krstić, were also present at the reception.
- It is my exceptional honor to have the opportunity to greet once more our champion Nenad here in our City Hall, and this time even more so, since he is visiting us with his co-athletes Tamara and Aleksandra. I congratulate all three of them on their medals, their victories, and the way they represented our city and our country at the Kick Box Championship. I know that Nenad always proudly emphasizes his Novi Sad origins, and that he always represents our country the best way he can at every international tournament. What we can learn from Nenad and his colleagues is that one – in order to succeed – should always know how to lose, as well as how to win. Nenad became a champion once he learned how to lose, since following these defeats he had become stronger and started accomplishing exceptional results – said Mayor Vučević and wished our kick-boxers a lot of new victories in their future matches.
Nenad Pagonis announced that following this 10th World Champion Title, won at the end of October in Belgrade, he would end his kick-boxing training and devote himself to traditional boxing, among the professionals.
- In late November, I will sign a contract to compete in Germany, and my first match is as early as December. When it comes to kick-boxing, I will still be here to support my successors Aleksandra and Tamara, because I believe great careers are awaiting them – pointed out Nenad Pagonis.
Serbian kick-boxers have justified our expectations by winning as many as 25 medals during the World Championships in Belgrade, out of which 9 golds. Tamara Bašić made her debut this year in the Serbian National Team, having won a silver medal in the up to 70 kg category, while her colleague from the “Pagonis Team” Aleksandra Krstić won gold.
In Novi Sad, November 13th 2015