Mayor of Novi Sad, Igor Pavličić, visited the site of the production, craft and storage facilities complex in the Rimski šančevi area, in particular, the first building of the complex, which is in the finishing phase. One hall has been constructed so far,  works on the sanitary facilities and office space are still in progress, while landscaping and works on connecting the building to the infrastructure are underway.

- Novi Sad needs new economic zones and that is why we decided to simultaneously work on providing two such sites. One site is near the highway, where we need a greater area of land, at least 60 ha, developed in cooperation with the Government of the Republic of Serbia, and formally we are approaching the completion of works. This is the second site, where we are building multifunctional halls which we will, after the construction is completed, offer to investors at favorable conditions, in order to provide new work opportunities. This year we will also build on 3.500 square meters behind this hall, and at the same time we will work on a project for 4 ha of nearby land – Mayor Pavličić pointed out, adding that in the coming period the City will allocate more funds for such purposes, as big infrastructural projects have been carried out in the recent period.

By constructing such a complex, a nearby suburban site would provide a comprehensive industrial and craft center of great importance for the citizens’ needs, while the plan is to encourage the development of small businesses in Novi Sad. The total planned area of the complex is about 50.000 m2. The size of the first building will be about 1.260 m2 and the building would comprise a storage complex, with all the supporting facilities, offices, access roads and full infrastructure.