Every year City allocates funds for partial reimbursement of travel expenses for high school students from Novi Sad who attend classes in other municipalities.
This category of students is entitled to: 80% reimbursement of travel expenses – orphans or single-parent children, students whose families are entitled to child support allowance, students with refugee or displaced person identity documents, Novi Sad-residing children of war veterans and fallen soldiers, as well as students from families whose two or more children commute between two municipalities – and 40% reimbursement of travel expenses for all other students who travel to other municipalities attending high schools founded by the Republic of Serbia, autonomous province, or local self-government.
Students are entitled to reimbursement from October 2015 until the end of 2015/2016 academic year, i.e. until June 2016. Requests are to be submitted in writing at the City Hall Registry Office, Novi Sad, Sloboda Square 1 (Ground Floor), window 13 and 14, weekdays from 8 AM to 3 PM.
Deadline for submitting the requests is September 25th 2015, so the students will be able to use travel benefits starting from October 2015. Requests received later will be processed in the following month. All necessary information can be obtained at the City Administration for Education, or via phone 488 725, from 8 AM to 3 PM.

In Novi Sad, August 25th 2015

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