Orthodox Cathedral

Orthodox Cathedral was most probably built in 1734. The material they used was stone and clinker brick. The first design of the church is lost, and its original appearance is not known today. After the Uprise in 1849, the church was totally destroyed. Reconstruction followed soon afterwards, and it was already fully restored from 1851 to 1853. According to designs made by Gustav Šaibe, an architect from Pest, a new belfry was erected, and additional two windows were built in the apse. The church then went through a period of slow decay, only to be renewed in 1902 by Mihail Harminc, an architect from Budapest. New bells were ordered in Budapest for the new, much higher belfry, new furniture was ordered as well. The newly restored church was also decorated with new paintings done by Stevan Aleksić, iconostasis woodcarvings were crafted by 'Retej and Benedek' from Budapest, and the icons were painted in Vienna by Paja Jovanović