Novi Sad Mayor Miloš Vučević received in the City Hall the police inspector of Novi Sad’s Criminal Police Narcotics Suppression Department Slobodan Drmanac, who arrested the robber carrying a knife and robbing the store shortly before, on Sunday 29th  March, although he was not on duty. The reception was also attended by the Head of Novi Sad Police Administration Siniša Radaković and the Head of Criminal Police Department Saša Barjaktarović.

The Mayor said on this occasion that he was honored to be able to welcome a man who was carrying out his duty outside his office hours, showing the way of safeguarding the city and property of our citizens while also demonstrating heroic care of the security of Novi Sad.

-What Slobodan did is an example of what is expected of Novi Sad’s Police Administration members. Simultaneously, it is also an invitation to his colleagues to continue with even bolder and more determined fight for the safer city. We will continue to provide full support to the members of the Police Administration in Novi Sad and its Department of Criminal Police, because we believe that they have realized significant accomplishments in the course of this year. The courageous feat of Slobodan Drmanac is just one example from everyday life showing us that there are people putting their life on the line to protect the indefensible – said the Mayor, adding that the issue of citizen safety is of top importance and that it can by no means be politicized, as it is beyond all the daily political arguments.
Police inspector of Novi Sad’S Criminal Police Narcotics Suppression Department Slobodan Drmanac thanked Mayor Vučević for the reception and good cooperation with the Police Administration. Mr. Drmanac expressed special gratitude to his fellow citizens who informed him about the criminal act on the day and helped him reach the perpetrator, while he emphasized his readiness to react in the same way should a similar situation occur.
Mayor Miloš Vučević congratulated the policeman on his courage and handed him the monetary prize which the City of Novi Sad, pursuant to a Decision from 2013, awards to policemen for extraordinary results.

Novi Sad, 31st March 2015