Member of the City Council in charge for Roads and Traffic Mr. Nemanja Vukčеvić attended the workshop at the ‘Pеtеfi Šаndоr’ Primary School, held on the occasion of ‘Car-Free Days’. The Educational class is organized by the Novi Sad Coordination Council in charge for road safety, together with the City Administration for Traffic. The aim of the workshop is to educate children and instruct them about safe cycling.

- Bicycle, as a means of transport, becomes well-established, and school pupils use it more often every day, which is why our today’s class is an ideal opportunity to introduce the primary school pupils to regulations and most common problems cyclist face. City of Novi Sad will always endorse all events whose aim is increase in traffic safety. – said Mr. Vukčеvić.

According to the ‘Pеtеfi Šаndоr’ Primary School Principal Mr. Zоltаn Аrđеlаn, this is only the first of many workshops to be held in order to provide our children some of the basic skills and knowledge on everyday traffic culture.

- Most common mistake our children make is that they pay very little attention to other traffic participants, which is why they need constant education in safe conduct, so they never endanger neither themselves, nor anyone else in traffic – said Mr. Аrđеlаn.

The workshop was realized with help from ‘Pеtеfi Šаndоr’ and ‘Dušаn Rаdоvić’ Primary Schools, ‘Nоvi Sаd’ Public Transport Company, City Administration for Education, ‘ALUNNO’ Driving School from Novi Sad, and the ‘Fruškоgоrаc’ Cycling Club from Sremska Kаmеnica.

Nоvi Sаd, September 21st 2015