The newly constructed kindergarten of the Preschool Institution "Radosno detinjstvo" in Grbavica community, which is situated on the corner of Kolo srpskih sestara and Miše Dimitrijevića streets, was visited by Novi Sad's Mayor, Milan Đurić.

- Here, a little over a year ago, we set the cornerstone for the brand-new kindergarten "Hedgehog's House" in Novi Sad. Today, we are all here again. Here, the prefabricated structures of the 7th of July Local Community and the Police Station were previously dismantled, and the kindergarten's construction was finished in December of last year. For the completion of these works and expert supervision services, more than 321 million RSD (VAT included) were set aside, with an additional 14 million RSD going for equipment. This is how the 77th kindergarten of the "Radosno detinjstvo" Preschool Institution, "Hedgehog's House," which is highly attractive and functional and enrolls roughly 220 children aged one to three, came to be known to the people of Novi Sad. I'm pleased that on February 1st of this year, the City Day of Novi Sad, the kids enrolled this kindergarten. In the spirit of the symbolism of the name of our City, they are our real new plantation and our future, even though the symbolism may be coincidental. There's nothing that makes us happier than building new kindergartens, having as many kids as we can and that our city is rejuvenating and growing - said the Mayor Đurić, pointing out that two significant projects are underway - the extension and furnishing of the building in Kovilj community, where the kindergarten will get about 600 more square meters, for about 60 more children who will start kindergarten in September, as well as the reconstruction of the building on Klisanski Road, after which the conditions for a comfortable stay of 117 children will be obtained.

The building has a total net area of 1300 m2, and the construction and furnishing of a playground for children as well as yard landscaping were included in the works. The fact that extra care was taken to conserve the existing vegetation and plant new greenery throughout the work's execution is quite essential.

On this particular occasion, the Mayor gave a tiny token of appreciation in the form of flowers and a cake to all the working women at the kindergarten to celebrate March 8th, the International Women's Day.

- This kindergarten has 30 new employees in total. I would like to wish everyone luck at work and especially use this opportunity to congratulate March 8th to these ladies. We appreciate all of your hard work, sacrifice, and accountability in carrying out your duties. In addition to the youngest Novi Sad girls who attend this kindergarten, I wish all the women who work here, including the instructors, waiters, professional assistants and cleaners, a very happy International Women's Day – said Milan Đurić.

Novi Sad, 8th March 2024