Representatives of the City of Novi Sad – Members of the City Council Mr. Vladimir Stojković, Mr. Vanja Vučenović and Mr. Dejan Mandić, as well as the Vice President of the Novi Sad City Assembly Mr. Miroslav Ilić – attended the commemoration held at the Novi Sad Garrison, on the occasion of March 24th – Remembrance Day of the Victims of NATO Bombing.

- We remember two and a half thousand slain civilians, among them ninety children. We remember the defense and independence of our fatherland, when more than thousand police officers and military personnel laid down their lives. Let us observe and keep the memory of our dead and let us remember all those who gave the most precious that one can give. They laid down their lives defending the fatherland. They poured their sacrifice into the foundation of our country’s future, and it is our duty to keep their names from oblivion. – said the Armed Forces of Serbia 1st Brigade CO Colonel Željko Petrović.

Apart from the representatives of the City and of the Autonomous Province, wreaths were laid at the memorial site by the representatives of the Novi Sad Garrison, Army Officers Reserve Corps, Novi Sad SUBNOR, as well as by the families of the fallen soldiers.

In Novi Sad, March 24th 2015