Member of the City Council in charge of sports and youth Predrag Svilar welcomed in the City Hall young male and female handballers who represented Novi Sad at the 19th Do Cup in Dortmund. Members of the handball club of the Kingoskolen Primary School from Denmark also attended the reception, since they are currently in Novi Sad, hosted by their peers from the Prva Vojvođanska Brigada Primary School.

- Our young athletes are recording exceptional results at international events, while in Dortmund they represented us in the best way, first as athletes, and then as handballers. Participation at these events is an opportunity for athletes to measure their capabilities against their peers from Europe, to see how much they have improved, but also to visit a new country and make friends – said Predrag Svilar and added – I am very pleased that young handballers from Denmark visited our city for the first time. I hope that their cooperation with the Adut Handball Club will continue and that it will be reciprocal, while I am wishing them a pleasant stay in Novi Sad, which they will, I am sure, perceive as the city of youth and sports.

At the international tournament Do Cup, that took place on 28th and 29th March in Dortmund, there were 76 teams from Germany, Finland, Denmark, Serbia and Norway. The men’s handball team was runner-up, while the women’s team won the fifth place.

Visit of 22 seventh-grade students from Kingoskolen Primary School has been organized as part of international cooperation with the Adut Handball Club and the City Handball Association. In the period between 13th and 17th April they have been in Novi Sad, attending classes and sports activities at the Prva Vojvođanska Brigada Primary School. Since Denmark is known for handball as their national sport, an exhibition match is planned between the students from Denmark and members of the young team of the Adut Handball Club.

Novi Sad, 15th April 2015