The Mayor of Novi Sad, Milan Đurić, addressed the media before the 49th Session of the City Assembly on the agenda which includes 41 items, of which 24 refer to the City's planning documents important for its further development.

- Bearing in mind that we are fighting for the "green fund" every day, I would like to start my presentation from the Decision on making Amendments and Supplements to the General Regulation Plan in the area of Telep community in Novi Sad. This will enable faster implementation of the Park Construction Project between Somborska Street, Futoški Road and Patriarch Pavle Boulevard. Our decision to draft a General Regulation Plan plan titled "Green Paths on the Route of the Former Railway Novi Sad-Beočin" sets up the conditions for the Petrovaradin-Beočin railway to become a green path. Furthermore, a new kindergarten with a 50-child capacity is now being built, and the building site was included in the Decisions on Amendments and Supplements to the General Regulation Plan of Ledinac and Stari Ledinac communities. We will also talk about the proposed Support Program for the City of Novi Sad's implementation of its agricultural and rural development policies for 2024. Seventy million dinars are planned as funds to carry out that program, and the measures are intended to young farmers. The Decision to draft a General Regulation Plan of the Strand-Kabel recreational area, which includes the placement of the green area next to the Strand complex—where the construction of a religious building is planned—will also be taken into consideration by the councilors. The Decision on Amendments and Supplements of the Detailed Regulation Plan for “Kineska četvrt” district with the Czech Warehouse in Novi Sad, which is the location designated for the Memorial Center for the Raid victims, will also be discussed - said Milan Đurić relating to the key issues that are at today's Session of the City Assembly.

Apart from the aforementioned, the report on the activities of the City Headquarters for Emergency Situations for the preceding year will also be discussed at this Session. The Headquarters convened fifteen times last year, issuing nine directives, five conclusions, and two recommendations. The directives issued concerned the engagement of subjects of special importance for protection and rescue in order to eliminate the storm's consequences, which began to affect the territory of the City of Novi Sad on July 19, 2023, the procedures of assisting citizens who are in danger as a result of the storm; undertaking of measures to create appropriate conditions for children in all of the preschool institution's facilities and ensuring a smooth start of the 2023–2024 school year, together with a number of other topics. The City Assembly Session agenda also includes the Headquarters' work plan for the current year.

Novi Sad, 5th March 2024