Novi Sad Mayor Mr. Miloš Vučević received H.E. U.S. Ambassador in Belgrade Mr. Kyle Randolph Scott who visited Novi Sad for the first time in the official capacity.

- It gives me great pleasure that the first visit of the U.S. Ambassador Mr. Scott to a City outside Belgrade is the City of Novi Sad. I think it shows the attitude of the U.S. Embassy in Serbia to Novi Sad, which is based on long-term good and meaningful cooperation between our City and this Embassy. We discussed a lot of topics today during the meeting, and I hope that in the near future the talks will continue.  I took the opportunity to invite His Excellency to re-visit Novi Sad as to tour the City as well as its major events such as EXIT and the International Agricultural Fair. During the meeting, one of dominant topics was the arrival of investors from the United States, and we talked about investments’ direction and how important they are for Novi Sad. Since they include the opening of several thousand jobs and the construction of a factory, I am especially proud that the realization of these projects is going very well. For us, the arrival of investment from the United States is significant not only in economic, but also in political terms. This shows that Novi Sad is politically stable and is treated as a business friendly place. This is also a chance for our domestic small and medium enterprises, while companies coming from the United States will produce products with labels stating that they are made in Serbia - Mayor Vučević said and expressed his satisfaction with the cooperation of the U.S. Embassy and the City of Novi Sad and wished the newly appointed Ambassador of the United States in Belgrade H.E. Kyle Randolph Scott much success in his work.
The Ambassador Scott said that the visit to Novi Sad represents his first official visit to a city in Serbia outside Belgrade, and that he primarily came in order to be closer acquainted with the current situation in the second largest City in the country.

- The U.S. Embassy and the City of Novi Sad have an excellent relationship. The City has the American Corner which functions very well, while there is ongoing cultural exchange of artists. Moreover, Novi Sad is known among our businessmen as an attractive place to invest and as a very successful city. I came to Serbia only three or four weeks ago and I think it is very important to tour the country, to learn about it and to get to know it better – the Ambassador Scott said, pointing out that it is very important for the American company, which is currently investing in its business operations in Novi Sad, to be successful as to empower other American companies to invest here as well.

Novi Sad, 29th February 2016