Mayor of the City of Novi Sad Mr. Мilоš Vučеvić visited today the Novi Sad Branch of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts (SANU), and discussed with its President Mr. Stеvаn Pilipоvić and his associates the SANU activities for the forthcoming period.
- Novi Sad, as a 2021 European Culture Capital candidate and as ‘Serbian Athens’, definitely cherishes good relations with all cultural institutions and organizations in the city, and one of these institutions which has an immense importance for our city is certainly the Novi Sad Branch of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts. I extend my most sincere gratitude to President Pilipоvić and the members of the Executive Board, for the invitation they sent me to visit this institutions with my associates, to visit the endowment of the great bishop Platon Аtаnаckоvićа, which bears outstanding cultural-historical significance for our city. I hope that SANU and the activities it realizes will greatly contribute our city’s candidacy for the European Culture Capital, and we are ready to discuss all the important topics relevant for this institution, so we can accomplish our cooperation at the level of highest quality. – said Mayor Vučеvić.
The President of the Novi Sad SANU Branch academic Stеvаn Pilipоvić said that SANU is the umbrella scientific and cultural institution in Serbia, and the Novi Sad branch represents an important piece of this organization which takes care of science and art on the territory of Vojvodina.
- It is our great pleasure to host the Mayor of Novi Sad today, who expressed his readiness to put effort which will bring mutual benefit, both for the City and SANU, with the ultimate goal to promote science and art, as well as numerous other activities the City realizes in this filed. – said academic Pilipоvić.
The Novi Sad Branch of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts was founded through merger of the Vojvodina Academy of Sciences and Arts, founded in 1979, and the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, following adoption of the Act on Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, on July 29th 1992. The Branch is located in the Platoneum building, which represents an important piece of our cultural heritage, an endowment of bishop Plаtоn Аtаnаckоvić, which earlier housed the First Serbian Reading Room in Novi Sad, Matica Srpska, as well as other educational and cultural institutions in Vojvodina. Today, the Branch is responsible for numerous scientific projects which bring significant contribution within the SANU or independently. Its activities take place, among other things, through endeavors of cultural and scientific gatherings, galleries, through cooperation with scientific and educational institutions in Novi Sad and Vojvodina, as well as through international cooperation, especially with other academies of sciences in the region.
In Novi Sad, September 3rd 2015