Mayor of Novi Sad Mr. Мilоš Vučеvić and Member of the City Council in charge for Healthcare Professor Zоltаn Hоrvаt, MD, PhD, visited the Army Medical Center Novi Sad, which since February 2013 has been functioning as a general hospital of the secondary healthcare protection level. During their visit, the City officials acquainted themselves with the Surgery Department capacities, operation rooms, as well as with the hospital’s requirements in terms of, above all, equipment, the procurement of which would enable significant expansion of their activities.
- For the last three years, there has been an excellent cooperation between the Army Medical Center of Petrovaradin and the City of Novi Sad as the local self-government. Novi Sad has no conventional city hospital, meaning it has its Healthcare Center providing the primary medical protection, and Clinical Center of Vojvodina and the Kamenica Institute, as its tertiary level healthcare facilities. This is why, in a manner of speaking, there is a patients pressure, and this is why we require the Army Hospital, in order to provide the highest quality healthcare protection for our citizens. We are putting a lot of effort to help the Army Hospital with our own resources, paying special attention to its specificities, since this hospital belongs to all the people, regardless whether they are civilians or servicemen. I extend my congratulations to the Army Hospital on the occasion of their 229th anniversary. All the employees, as well as the citizens of Novi Sad, should be very proud of such great tradition. We put great effort in providing healthcare services in our city at the high-quality level, to keep our citizens healthy, as well as to organize preventive healthcare protection. In this way we reduce the amount of necessary surgical interventions which, in turn, can cause some unwanted situations and present risks in their own right. – said Mayor Vučеvić.
Head of the Army Hospital Mr. Bratoljub Brklјаčа, MD, PhD, extended his gratitude to the Mayor and Professor Horvat, MD, PhD, for their visit to the Petrovaradin Hospital on the occasion of the 229th anniversary. – We are certainly a hospital which serves as a relief to the Clinical Center, which is the tertiary level healthcare protection facility, while the Army Hospital is the secondary healthcare protection facility, which Novi Sad and parts of the South Bаčka County certainly lack. We are here to help and all this time we have been striving to accomplish better results from year to year – said Mr. Brklјаčа, MD, PhD.
On the occasion of the forthcoming Day of the Army Medical Center – November 11th – and in order to acquaint the Center with the citizens of Novi Sad and of the South Bаčka County, the AMC Novi Sad will engage all its human and material resources from October 12th to November 06th, and perform approximately 170 operations in that period, thereby marking its Day.
In Nоvi Sаd, October 08th 2015