H.E. Carlos Felix, the Ambassador of Mexico to Serbia, was met by Novi Sad's Mayor, Milan Đurić, in the City Hall. The Ambassador greeted the Mayor warmly and expressed his happiness to be back in Novi Sad. He also complimented the Mayor on the many European prizes the City had previously received.

During the meeting, the participants came to the conclusion that traditional friendship unites Serbia and Mexico, and that the foundation of their diplomatic relationship is the shared belief in freedom, national integrity, and equality between governments and nations.

Mayor Đurić said that the City of Novi Sad is firmly committed to further strengthening cooperation with the Mexican City of Toluca, with the aim of improving the long-standing cooperation that dates back to the eighties of the last century. According to observations made during the meeting, the two cities' collaboration was formalized in 2015 when they signed the Twinning Agreement. Work on the Agreement's development will continue steadily across several domains.

Ambassador Felix noted that promoting Mexican culture is one of the goals of the Mexican Embassy in Serbia, among other things. In this regard, he is in Novi Sad today to officially open the exhibition "Mexican Codexes - Memories and Knowledge" at the Museum of Vojvodina, which has been organized by the Embassy. In addition, the event "Days of Mexico at the Museum of Vojvodina" is underway, where along with the exhibition, lectures and children's workshops inspired by the cultural heritage of Mexico are held.

The Mayor and the Ambassador agreed that they will continue to foster good relations and contribute to better cooperation between the two nations, primarily through cultural exchange and economic cooperation, with the aim of connecting people and implementing various projects.

Novi Sad, 5th April 2024