Greening the cities – Development and promotion of energy efficiency and sustainable urban environment in the cities of Croatia-Serbia cross-border region

The idea of ​​the GReENERGY project is to create examples of good practice in urban areas, with a view to promoting improvements in energy efficiency, thermal comfort of the population and the environment of cities. Specific action would be to create a green roof and green wall in Novi Sad and Osijek, as the largest cities in the cross-border program area. In each of the selected cities, a green roof and wall would be constructed at one building as an example of how to provide better energy, thermal, environmental and living conditions for the population.


The aim of the project is to establish energy efficiency of buildings in Novi Sad and Osijek, primarily in facilities that have a public function (facilities that are property of the City of Novi Sad and the City of Osijek).

The main activities of the project are:

- Installation of about 600 m2 of green roof and about 80 m2 of green wall at a public building in Novi and Osijek. On this basis, the visibility of the project results would be maximized and the awareness of the population and stakeholders would be significant.

- Installation of over 1.000 m2 of solar panels, over 200kW, which will allow the green infrastructure system to be self-sustaining (it will supply the power to the engines for irrigation and drainage) and additionally generate energy for the facility itself.

- Performing infrastructure works on the selected facility for the purpose of preparing the roof and wall for the installation of green infrastructure and solar panels, as well as works that will improve energy efficiency (introduction of led lighting).

- Setting up a system of meteorological stations that will monitor thermal comfort inside and around the building, with the aim of improving the environment and health of the population.