Greek Catholic Church

Greek Catholic Church in Novi Sad, whose congregation consists of most of the Novi Sad Ruthenians, is located at the corner of Svetozara Miletića and Jovana Subotića Street, in a small churchyard. It was built in Classical-Baroque style, and consecrated to the Holy Apostles of Peter and Paul. It was constructed in 1822, on a narrow strip of land, so one enters it almost from the street itself. Its altarpiece, presumably, is the work by Arsa Teodorović, or Ivan Ivanić. During the Uprise and the ensuing bombardment of 1849, it was spared from destruction from the Fortress cannonade by sheer luck. Young Emperor Franz Joseph visited it in 1852. Across the street is the parish house with its spacious yard, dating from 1820, although it lost much of its original style during renovation. Most notable priest at this church was the poet Jovan Hranilović, from Žumberak.