Futog park

Futog Park was opened in the first decade of the 20th century. Its initial purpose was to serve as a special recreational ground for patients and visitors of the newly opened Iodine Spa in the vicinity. The initial design of the park was by Armin Pes Jr, a famous landscape architect from Hungary. However, his project was not realized, although some of his ideas have been incorporated into the final layout of the park. The park was partially reconstructed in 1964, according to Ratibor Đorđević's revitalization plans.

Carefully devised garden paths, alleys, opulent floral outlets and dendroflora all indicate significantly sophisticated planning and design.
The park itself has numerous floral and other decorative plant species, totaling more than 100 varieties of exotic and indigenous specimens.
The southeastern section of the park features a small, irregularly-shaped pond, which feeds on atmospheric and underground water. There are also several geothermal springs. The whole area of the park has seven wells in total.

The park is classified as a second-level protection category area. Its maintenance and protection is entrusted to the PE City Greenery.