Mayor of the City of Novi Sad Mr. Miloš Vučević and Manager of the PC Novi Sad City Construction and Development Mr. Dejan Mandić, visited today the housing block area between the Dušana Danilovića and Selјačkih Buna St, in Novo Naselјe, where development works have been completed. Since pedestrian lanes at this location were completely devastated, a necessity arose for their complete reconstruction, in total length of approximately 700 m. Two lanes from the Kneza Miloša Boulevard towards the Bate Brkića St, as well as the four interconnecting lanes, have also been repaired. Also, new lanes connecting the area to the basketball court have also been built.
- This represents one of the largest housing block area development endeavors in Novi Sad. This part of our city has a lot of residents, and it is very frequented, since here we the ‘Prva Vojvođanska Brigada’ Primary School, ‘Guliver’ Kindergarten, as well as the ‘Milan Petrović’ Primary and Secondary School. I hope the residents will be satisfied, while we will go on. The worth of these construction works has been estimated around 30 million RSD, and I am proud to say that Novo Naselje is not seen any more as a ‘Large Dormitory’, but to the contrary – in the best possible way. I am particularly pleased to see that the new Police precinct is expected to start operating in its full capacity until the end of this year – pointed out Mayor Vučević.
According to the Manager of the PC Novi Sad City Construction and Development Mr. Dejan Mandić, the contractor is currently being chosen for public lighting for the area between the Bate Brkića, Dušana Danilovića, Selјačkih Buna St. and the Kneza Miloša Boulevard. Completion of these works is due by the end of this year and beginning of the next year, completing thus even the final stage of this areas development. PUC ‘City Greenery’ has also been significantly involved in this endeavor. 
- We have removed 46 Syberian Elms, whose root systems devastated the pavements, and planted over 120 seedling trees whose growing will not deteriorate the pavement blocks.  Also, we have planted over 11.000 m2 grass areas, and our workers have been working in two shifts, also during holidays, in order to complete the job – said the Manager of the PUC ‘City Greenery’ Mr. Aleksandar Bogdanović.
Currently, we are in the process of preparing the asphalt for the pedestrian lane between the ‘Prva Vojvođanska Brigada’ Primary School, and the ‘Guliver’ Kindergarten, 93 m long and 2 m wide. The green belt next to the kindergarten fence is 1 m.

In Novi Sad, November 13th 2015