Novi Sad Mayor Mr. Miloš Vučević received today at the City Hall the Consul General of Montenegro to Serbia, Mr. Miodrag Kankaraš, and Deputy President of the National Council of the Montenegrin national Community, Mr. Branislav Sekulić.

- Bearing in mind that one of the best-known features of Novi Sad that it is the multinational, multi-religious and multi-cultural City, the City Government is continuing talks with representatives of all national councils and communities that exist in the Republic of Serbia, and work in the City territory. Today, I will talk with the representatives of the National Council of the Montenegrin national community in Serbia. We will inform each other on the ways of further cooperation, i.e., on the relevant issues that the City can do for the national community of Montenegrins who live in our City, in order to perceive their needs concerning the City authorities. Likewise, I expect to hear concrete proposals on joint implementation of specific projects from the National Council of Montenegrins. I would especially like to thank the Consul General of Montenegro, Mr. Miodrag Kankaraš, for the current excellent coordination of all the activities that the City of Novi Sad has with the City of Budva, with whom it is also a twin-city, as well as with the City of Tivat, with whom it has established friendly relations, as with all organizations from the territory of the Republic of Montenegro that operate in our City- Mayor Miloš Vučević said.
Deputy President of the National Council of the Montenegrin national community, Mr. Branislav Sekulić, thanked on behalf of the delegation of the National Council of Montenegrins to the City of Novi Sad leadership for their support in the work of that body.

- This is the first year of work of the National Council and during that time we have organized several events with the support of the City of Novi Sad. I want to announce and invite all citizens of Novi Sad to attend tonight's performance of guitar-duo Bulatović-Nikčević at the Synagogue, beginning at 8 o’clock -  Mr. Sekulić said and thanked the Mayor Vučević for his continued support.

Novi Sad, 26th February 2016