At the official ceremony in the House of the National Assembly, National Alliance for Local Economic Development (NALED) and Ministry of Economics and Regional Development presented the City of Novi Sad with the Business-Friendly Environment certificate, which in a way guarantees investors that the municipality provides all the necessary conditions for successful establishment and development of business.

Novi Sad is one of the five cities and municipalities that, in this round of certification, met the business-friendly environment criteria, showing its readiness to fulfill the needs of investors.

The certificate puts Novi Sad in the group of cities and municipalities that are genuinely and steadily dedicated to the economic development and that have succeeded in creating an environment good for business and investors thanks to consistent reforms of the city and municipality administration ( At the same time, Novi Sad has qualified for continued promotional support in communication with potential investors, provided by NALED, Government of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina, USAID, Ministry of Economics and Regional Development and foreign embassies.

The official promotion of the City started with today’s award of the certificate, while NALED will, in cooperation with partners and donors within the program, provide intensive media promotion, as well as promotion of the City’s potential to the possible investors, ensuring continued economic development.