Mayor of the City of Novi Sad Mr. Мilоš Vučеvić stated that regarding the two political rallies which took place today in the Sloboda Square, that everybody has right to assemble, and that he did not participate in planning nor in activities of the Novi Sad Board of the Serbian Progressive Party. He also added that he is surprised and disappointed that the President of the City Board of the Democratic Party Mr. Vеlјkо Krstоnоšić failed to heed his call for the meeting at the City Hall and discuss the situation in town. DS supporters came to the main city square just outside the City Hall, where they announced and scheduled a rally to be held on the occasion of the third anniversary of the Serbian Progressive Party and its coalition partners coming to power in Novi Sad.
- My wish was to hear the criticism and suggestions to solutions directly from the opposition, but I have had no chance to do, since the president of the Novi Sad Democrats refused the invitation which I sent him through my associates. My wish was to ask him questions regarding solving the situation of public companies and Preschool Institution. However, the Democratic Party refused today to have dialogue with me as a Mayor. It is important to emphasize that City Hall is open for all citizens, that Mayor and City Council will not be running from discussions with the opposition, and that our duty is to see that City Hall is always open for all. My obligation and my need is to discuss to representatives of all political parties from the opposition who, although they are opposition, they are also representatives of the citizens of Novi Sad. I truly hope that Mr. Krstоnоšić will deign to discuss these topics openly with me next time, since it is easy to hold a press conference and write vague press releases on a weekly basis. On the other hand, it appears that the opposition finds it much harder to face us directly, in an open dialogue, stating the facts, and with cross examination of arguments. I would like to ask Mr. Vеlјko Krstоnоšić, if the Dеmоcrаtic Party has solutions for some of the burning city issues, why they failed to implement them during their years in power in Novi Sad. Novi Sad is certainly moving forward, and as a Mayor, I am satisfied how the situation is developing in all aspects. Naturally, there is a lot of work awaiting us, but it is unquestionable that the city’s image is greatly improved, since our city is now well-recognizable as a serious candidate for the European Culture Capital and the European Youth Capital, as well as the city which seriously discusses with foreign investors. – said Mayor Vučеvić.
Mayor Vučеvić also emphasized that, at the time the opposition was rallying in the Sloboda Square, he was having serious discussions at the meeting he held in his Cabinet, while on the other hand he neither organized, nor participated at the SNS supporters rally.
- As much as one side has the right to rally, the other side is also entitled to it. I believe it would have been much better had Mr. Krstоnоšić and me met in person, than to have anyone rallying in squares. Anyone has the right to freely express their opinion, but in this situation it is much more effective and productive that politicians talk directly and that we maintain an open dialogue. This is why I do not understand why the Democratic Party representative run away from the direct discussion, neither do I understand this manner of communication. My view is that declining the invitation for discussion with the Mayor is one unusual political move by the opposition. – said Mayor Vučеvić underlining once more that he did not participate in the SNS supporters rally because as he pointed out, SNS has other officials as well, and he, as the Mayor, at the time was at his workplace, and while he is the Mayor he will never allow that progress of Novi Sad is in any way hampered.

In Nоvi Sаd, September 15th 2015