Dear colleagues,

If you wish to contact the Mayor, his assistants and the members of the City Council, please call (+381 21) 480 77 84 or send us an email on pr@novisad.rs stating your questions and requests, as well as your contact phone number.

We are looking forward to cooperating with you!

PR Office

The Open Office is a place where we talk about our citizens’ problems. We strive to improve life quality in our city and therefore we are ready to listen to every citizen’s problem and respond to it as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Citizens can adress our Office directly and engage in a constructive dialogue with the City authorities. This way we hope to raise standards of service provision and public engagement in the City life.


If you wish to cooperate with the City of Novi Sad, please send your requests, invitations and suggestions on our email gradns@novisad.rs or fill in this online form.

We have established the Contact Center in order to provide accurate, up-to-date and detailed information from the city administration and services, utility enterprises and other public companies.

The Contact Center allows citizens to obtain all the necessary information. You can call 0800-021-021 free of charge.

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