Member of the City Council in charge for Traffic and Roads Mr. Nеmаnjа Vukčеvić attended the children’s workshop held on the occasion of ‘Car-Free Day’ organized by the Novi Sad Council for Coordination of Safety Affairs on Roads and Traffic, and City Administration for Traffic.
- Novi Sad Council for Coordination has the opportunity to work with primary school pupils during the workshop, and educate them on how to proper negotiate the street traffic and traffic signs and regulations. The workshop is envisaged also to educate children on safe cycling, since bicycle slowly becomes more frequent means of transport, and this type of education needs to be adjusted to younger ages – said Mr. Vukčеvić.
Pupils were given the opportunity to learn about traffic signs, intersections, as well as to find out more about safe cycling and street crossing. Realization of this workshop was also helped by the ‘Pеtеfi Šаndоr’ and ‘Dušаn Rаdоvić’ Primary Schools, ‘Nоvi Sаd’ Public Transport Company, City Administration for Education, ‘ALUNNO’ Driving School from Novi Sad, as well as the ‘Fruškоgоrаc’ Cycling Club from Srеmska Kаmеnica.

In Novi Sad, September 23rd 2015