Novi Sad Mayor, Mr.  Miloš Vučević together with the Director of PC "Roads of Serbia", Mr. Zoran Drobnjak and Director of PC "City Construction and Development Novi Sad" Mr. Dejan Mandić,  visited the Europe Boulevard, where the fourth phase of its construction was finished, from Rumenački road to Subotica-Belgrade Highway, in total length of about 3,000 meters, which is now passable for traffic. The first section covers an area from Rumenački road to DTD Canal, with a length of 882 meters, where the traffic area was built, storm water sewerage, public lighting, roundabout and an overpass over the railway installations and Privrednikova Street, approximately 450 meters in length. The left and the right construction of the bridge over the DTD Canal was also built, in the length of 176 meters, with a total width of about 30 meters, while the bridge has four lanes, two-sided walkways three meters wide, bicycle paths two meters wide and public lighting. The related works encompassed the construction of the second section, from Primorska Street to the Highway, of about 1800 meters in length, where the pavement was built, asphalt footpaths three meters wide, asphalt bike paths two meters wide, storm sewer, public lighting and circular intersection with the route to Primorska Street.

- Today is a great day for Novi Sad, because we are officially putting into circulation the whole of the Europe Boulevard and we are opening to traffic the last phase of the longest Novi Sad boulevard. In 2005, the process of its construction was launched, and I wish to thank to my predecessors, who participated in the realization of this complex project. During the construction, we had great obstacles and complex situations in the realization of this work, but the City, with great effort, has managed to repair all of the negative things from operations in previous years related to the case, "Borovica" and to provide funds for the completion of the Boulevard, for the satisfaction of all the citizens of Novi Sad and the people who will use this traffic road. I want to thank the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure and Public Company "Roads of Serbia" on their activities on the construction of the loop "North" , because Novi Sad today not only has a new Boulevard in the full profile, but it also has a new entry and exit to the Highway Belgrade-Subotica. It is also important that by this endeavor, the urban part of the City is being relieved from freight traffic to maximum. We will not stop at this and we will continue to invest in large infrastructure projects, as Novi Sad deserves new detours, new streets and boulevards - Mayor Vučević said.
Director of PC "Roads of Serbia" Mr. Zoran Drobnjak said that the company has successfully completed the loop “North”, while the biggest problem was draining of the field, emphasizing that the public lighting was also installed in this part, for which two million euros was allocated.

- We will continue to work with the City of Novi Sad and arrange plans for the year 2016 – Drobnjak said. Director of the PC "City Construction and Development Novi Sad" Mr. Dejan Mandić said that the works were completed at the end of 2015 and the opening of the Boulevard was waiting for technical acceptance, which was obtained yesterday with a positive a opinion of the design company that worked on the project.

- I would like to thank the contractors who did their part in the entire section according to the highest quality standards. Today, after almost ten years since the construction was launched, the Boulevard of Europe in Novi Sad represents a major milestone, especially when it comes to industrial zone for direct access to the Highway E-75 - said Mandić and added that presently the Europe Boulevard is 7 kilometers and 68 meters long.

The route of the former Subotica railway, one traffic lane of the future of Europe Boulevard was constructed in 2006, on the section from Futoška Street to Braće Grulović Street, and this section of the Boulevard was extended in 2010 by the construction of the second traffic lane. In 2009, the traffic area of Futoška Street to Kornelija Stankovića Street, 1,420 meters in length was constructed, while in 2010 the construction from Kornelija Stankovića Street to Rumenački road with a length of 1,800 meters was also completed. That was a total of about 3,963 meters from the Boulevard of Car Lazar to Rumenački road. The last, fourth section from Rumenački road to the Highway E-75 included a length of about 3,100 meters. The construction of the bridge across the Canal DTD began in December 30th, 2011, and they represented the beginning of implementation of 4th section of the Boulevard of Europe. In addition to the planned bridge of 176 meters in length, the works on the route of the Boulevard of Europe, at its fourth section included a section from Rumenački road to the Highway E-75 with a total length of about 3,100 meters. After the public procurement procedure for the construction of a new bridge over the DTD Canal, along the route of the Europe Boulevard, an Agreement was signed between the PC "City Construction and Development Novi Sad" and the winning contractors, the company SC "Energoprojekt niskogradnja" from Belgrade and LLC "West-gradnja" from Šabac which submitted a joint bid, and works started on 1st August 2014. On 15th October 2014, an Agreement was signed with a contractor for the construction of traffic areas on the Boulevard of Europe, from Primorska Street to Subotica-Belgrade Highway, while LLC "Karin Komerc MD" from Veternik submitted the best bid.

Completion of the construction of the 4th section of the Boulevard of Europe has an extremely important strategic significance for Novi Sad, as another direction for Highway entry and exit, which will significantly reduce and relieve congestion on other traffic routes in the City. This is also highly significant since it has improved the quality of lives of citizens of Detelinara and Novo Naselje, while bringing the land along the Boulevard to the planned urban purposes represents a significant impetus to the economic development of Novi Sad.

Novi Sad, 23rd January 2016