At the initiative of the head of the Local Economic Development Office of the City of Novi Sad Olivera Simović and the director of the “Public Enterprise for the City Construction and Development” Goran Višnjić and his assistants a roundtable was held today on “Boosting the residential buildings construction in Novi Sad” where the investors and the representatives of civil engineering took an active part.

It was for the first time that the meeting of this kind, between the investors and the city institutions, was held in Novi Sad, providing the representatives of construction companies the opportunity to present the problems they are faced with during the implementation of their projects, while they also heard the suggestions of the relevant institutions how to overcome those problems.

After the exchanged experiences, the conclusion on changing of the criteria for calculating a compensation for a construction plot was adopted, in order to revive and boost the construction of residential buildings in Novi Sad, as well as to provide the debtors the possibility of rehabilitation and to facilitate the conditions for any further business operations, as well.

This conclusion will be forwarded to the City Assembly of Novi Sad for adoption at its next session, in order to establish, as soon as possible, a system which will mutually benefit the investors and the City, which was not the case in the past.

The investors expressed a great satisfaction with the new approach to the related economic branch, and they also welcomed the suggestions of the representatives of the “Public Enterprise for the City Construction and Development”, which will in future largely affect the increase in number of the implemented projects.

Novi Sad, 24th April 2013