Assumption Church

The Assumption Church is located in Uspenska St. It was built from 1765 till 1774. The bishop of Bačka from that period, Mojsije Putnik, notes that is 'of imposing stature, solidly built, and of good materials: clinker brick, lime and sand'. The bishop also mentions three main artisan-builders: master-mason Bulf, master-carpenter Lang and master-locksmith Krsinger. Due to its richly decorated inventory, masterfully designed blazonry and the quality of work, the Baroque Assumption Church immediately became one of the most prominent sacral buildings of the region. Woodcarving was primarily done by master-painters from Novi Sad Marko Gavrilović together with Arsenije and Aksentije Marković, while Janko Holkozović and Vasa Ostojić did the painting. Paintings of the later period are contributed to the parish priest Joca Jovanović. On the patron saint's day the festivities were held, the folk and the farmers would gather in the courtyard. Many a respected patron and benefactor was entombed in the courtyard and around the church. The walls of the church, however, were reserved for the most prominent members of the nobility in Novi Sad. The coat of arms of a royal-imperial captain Jovan Janković placed on his tomb in 1843 by his sister baroness Eufemija Jović, only supports this claim.