Member of the City Council in charge of economy Goran Sečujski, MSc, opened the 5th Beekeeping Fair “Honey Days 2015”, at the main Trg slobode City square. The Fair is taking place from 17th to 19th of April, and gathers beekeepers who exhibit honey-based products, beekeeping equipment, cosmetics and products based on honey, local wines, medicinal wine and teas, confectionery products and handicrafts from cottage industries.
- In honor of beekeeping and honey, which we call food, but also a medicament, we have gathered in our City for the fifth consecutive year on the occasion of the Beekeeping Fair titled "Honey Days”. Owing to this Fair and the Beekeepers’ Association “Jovan Živanović” from Novi Sad, our City, together with Fruška gora, has become one of the most important centers of beekeeping in the Republic of Serbia; an what makes us stand out from other regions in Serbia is that we also have “Fruška gora Lime Honey”, which is the honey with geographical indications. Beekeeping is obviously an activity that is gaining importance, thus, there is a growing number of young people who opt for beekeeping - Goran Sečujski, MSc, pointed out.
He also added that Serbia was ranked 27th  on the world list of honey exporters in 2013, based on its export of natural honey, but due to bad weather conditions, last year was significantly worse than the previous ones, which has been reflected in the quantity and value of exports from Serbia.
The event features versatile cultural and informative program and is organized by the Beekeepers’ Association “Jovan Živanović” Novi Sad, under the auspices of the City of Novi Sad, co-organized by the City Administration for Economy.

Novi Sad, 17th April 2015