At this year's public call, 260 contracts were awarded to citizens who earned subsidies for improving energy efficiency in their homes. Milan Đurić, the Mayor of Novi Sad, and Dubravka Đedović Handanović, the Minister of mining and energy, were present. This year, the "Clean Energy and Energy Efficiency Project for Citizens" public call included nine measures. The City of Novi Sad and the Ministry of Mining and Energy granted a total of 37 million 500 thousand RSD in grants through the public call.

- Based on the overwhelming response, it appears that Novi Sad residents realized they could significantly lower their energy costs by making investments in energy-saving projects including solar panel installation, window and door replacement, improved insulation, boiler replacement, and insulation upgrades. Previously, funds for the installation of solar panels were given to 56 individuals in Novi Sad last year and this year, 369 citizens for the replacement of woodwork, and twelve for the installation of a gas boiler, all in response to public calls. We do, in fact, attempt to take a lot of steps that will help to increase energy efficiency generally and positively affect the scarce resources. In addition to taking these precautions, it's critical that we all become conscious of how much we use them and behave sensibly when doing so – Mayor said and expressed gratitude to the relevant Ministry for partnership and cooperation, saying that only by working together toward a common objective can we build a brighter tomorrow. He also emphasized that in the coming months, an "Energy Info-Center" will be opened in Novi Sad, where citizens will be able to get all the information and answers in one place about the possible savings, which measures are best for their household, which procedures to go through to get subsidies and more.

Minister Dubravka Đedović Handanović also addressed those present.

- Novi Sad is the City where we are awarding the largest number of contracts at once, in the program of energy rehabilitation of family houses and apartments, for a total of 260 households. As of today, a total of nearly 1,400 contracts have been signed with citizens, in 20 cities and municipalities across Serbia. In the previous three years, the Ministry and the City of Novi Sad invested about 211 million RSD in energy efficiency. The issue of energy consumption is something that concerns all of us, where we can all contribute, and from which we all benefit in the end, through lower bills and a healthier environment - said Minister Đedović Handanović.

Novi Sad, 13th December 2023