Mayor of the City of Novi Sad Mr. Miloš Vučević attended the ceremony held on the occasion of the 229th anniversary of the Novi Sad Army Medical Center, at the Army House. The Medical Center is the oldest military medical institution in Europe, and according to its Director Colonel Bratolјub Brklјača, MD, PhD, the hospital has never stopped functioning throughout its entire existence, not even during the most perilous war circumstances. 

- We are a general-type hospital of secondary level, and according to our function – a city hospital. Our intention is to, in cooperation with the City Administration, assist the population of the South Bačka District, and even of other districts, that they are free to come to our institution and receive treatment here, provided they validate their medical referrals by the Social Security Service. – pointed out Colonel Bratolјub Brklјača, MD, PhD.
Our campaign of 170 surgeries for one month for civilian medical insureds, previously announced for this important anniversary, has been successfully realized. According to the Director, recent equipping of one more operation room, the hospital will be able to continue with this rate of work.

- Novi Sad Army Medical Center is of the utmost significance for our city and county, since it diminished the workload of the Vojvodina Clinical Center and the Sremska Kamenica Institute. This is why the City promotes this medical institution, and we will give our best to further assist them and provide the conditions as good as possible. – said Mayor Vučević and extended his gratitude to the Management and all the employees.

Mayor Vučević also stated that the City is planning to allocate the funds next year for purchasing the equipment for the third operation room, which would increase the institution’s capacities for approximately 1000 operations annually.  As the Mayor stated, the City’s intention is to provide as contemporary and efficient medical healthcare protection as possible for its citizens, and for the population of this part of Vojvodina. 

In Novi Sad, November 12th, 2015