The variety of events

At this intersection of waterways, land routes and commercial channels, at this meeting place of different cultures and civilizations, of European-style and Oriental style trade, fairs have been organized since the 19th century. It was on this tradition of a market-centre that the Novi Sad Fair Company was founded and has been organizing fairs of European wide reputation throughout the years. The city life of Novi Sad would be lacking in events without cafes and parties, but also without some cultural traditions. The atmosphere of famed old coffeehouses is still felt in Novi Sad. However, modern ways of life have introduced new traditions. Novi Sad hosts the Theatre Festival Sterijino Pozorje, Zmaj Children’s Festival (Zmajeve decje igre), Poets’ Encounters Brankovo kolo, the Novi Sad Musical Festivities (NOMUS), Vojvodjanska tamburica, international EXIT Festival on the Petrovaradin Fortress, as well as the Street Musicians’ Festival. The citizens of Novi Sad have been engaged in sports activities from the time their hometown was founded. The oldest popular sports are horse-riding, shooting and rowing. In modern times, the people of Novi Sad began practicing new, Olympic sport disciplines, and have won a large number of medals. The ”Novi Sad Marathon” is held every autumn, while late spring features the Fruska Gora Marathon on the right side of the Danube. The locals usually spend summertime on the bank of the Danube, particularly at them well-known beach called Strand.