The City of Novi Sad launched an open call for women entrepreneurs whose companies or shops are seated on the territory of Novi Sad and who are interested in entrepreneurial trainings. The education will follow preset curriculum with topics such as entrepreneurship, marketing, sales, finance and accounting, management and business organization, HR management, etc.
- The objective of this training is to provide professional assistance and support to women entrepreneurs who registered a company or an entrepreneurial business on the territory of the City of Novi Sad in the past three years, so that they could strengthen their capacities necessary for business operations in present-day market conditions and enhance the chances of endurance at the market.  – said Goran Sečujski, member of the City Council in charge of economy.
With this measure from the Employment Action Plan and the promotion of entrepreneurial culture and values, the City of Novi Sad strives to increase the number of companies and entrepreneurial businesses managed by women, namely, to motivate other potential women entrepreneurs to become professionally independent.
The conditions for female entrepreneurs from Novi Sad to join the training include that they have a company or an entrepreneurial business registered in the Business Registers Agency, that its status is active, that it has had business operations from one to three years and that the entrepreneur’s residence is on the territory of the City of Novi Sad.
Applications can be submitted in the City Administration for Economy, Rumenačka 110a, in the office No.10. Deadline for submission of applications is July 27th, 2015. More information:
Novi Sad, 16th July 2015