Mayor of the City of Novi Sad orders all competent services and institution to act urgently and obtain all necessary conditions for placement of the traffic light at the Rumеnаčki Road intersection, since safety of our children is more important and comes before any administrative procedures.
- We have been witnessing unfortunate incidents which severely endangered traffic safety of our youngest ones, and there is nothing more important than children’s health and safety. As a human, as a parent and as a Mayor, I am deeply moved by the recent incidents in the vicinity of the ‘Dоsitеј Оbrаdоvić’ Primary School. It is intolerable that we have a pedestrian crossing in the school’s vicinity without a traffic light, as a most reliable means of traffic signalization. I hereby publicly order all competent authorities to put maximum effort and most urgently place all necessary traffic signals, and to most urgently terminate all administrative procedures, which would eventually result in placing the traffic light at this highly frequent pedestrian crossing. We do not need any temporary, but permanent solutions, which is why I expect all those of authority over this case to act adequately, since no regulation is above human life – said Mayor Vučеvić and added that, if his directive is not met with full compliance at the shortest possible notice, a wave of dismissals and relieves will ensue, pursuant to his Mayoral powers and authority. 

In Nоvi Sаd, September 23th 2015