Apart from the twin-cities, significant cultural institutions and a large number of various organizations, our city’s candidacy for the 2021 European Culture Capital was also supported by the children of Novi Sad. At their kindergartens, the children drew on the topic of ‘Novi Sad – My City’, while the best ideas were exhibited today on the main city square, Trg Slobode, during the exhibition ‘Three Times Hooray for Novi Sad 2021’. Participants and visitors were addressed by the Member of the City Council in Charge for Culture Mr. Vаnjа Vučеnоvić.
- Youth, energy and creativity, represent relevant arguments that Novi Sad possesses when we talk about our city’s  candidacy for the 2021 European Culture Capital. With this exhibition we promote children’s creativity and offer a chance to our youngest citizens to express themselves in their own way and in their own particular fashion, presenting us thereby their own impressions about life in Novi Sad. The City, through its ‘Radosno Detinjstvo’ Preschool Institution and other cultural and educational organizations, pays special attention to our youngest, acquaints them with culture, and encourages their creativity, and that is an important segment of our bid for this prestigious title. – stated Mr. Vučеnоvić.
In this project, realized with support from the City of Novi Sad and the City of Dortmund, saw participation of children from 12 kindergartens of the ‘Radosno Detinjstvo’ Preschool Institution. The project topic was “Novi Sad – My City”, and 100 most successful drawings were selected for the exhibition. At its official opening, the children and visitors were addressed by the Director of the ‘Radosno Detinjstvo’ Preschool Institution Ms. Мirјаnа Đurđеv, as well as by the Program Director of the Novi Sad 2021 European Culture Capital Candidacy Mr. Моmčilо Bајаc, who pointed out that children are most important ambassadors of Novi Sad, and that their exhibition represents a true introduction to the large conference during which our City will be given support by the representatives of eight European Culture Capitals. “Three Times Hooray for Novi Sad” Exhibition is open for public till September 14th, on the Sloboda Square.
In Nоvi Sаd, September 08th 2015