Third International Folklore Festival "Šajkaši" is taking place from July 01st until July 05th in Novi Sad, Kać, Zmajevo and Kisač. Member of the City Council in charge for Culture Mr. Vanja Vučenović attended the fourth night of the Festival and visited its Gallery ‘Jan Garža’, and offered his support to all the talented artists whose works have been exhibited in that renowned artistic institution. Following his visit to the exhibition, Mr. Vučenović addressed the spectators of the main event at the CIC ‘Kisač’.

- Culture and art associations have always been a key stakeholder in our City’s culture. They inherit the tradition and cultural treasure of numerous peoples and are therefore immensely precious. City of Novi Sad recognizes the significance of this Festival and will continue to support it. – said Mr. Vučenović and added – I am particularly pleased to see that Kisač with this event as well shows its rich cultural life, and it is the residents of Kisač to whom we owe our gratitude for their continued and professional approach to preservation of national identity, which is why they will receive support of the City Administration for Culture in the future as well.

The Festival, during its five days, will host over 150 participants from Serbia, Slovenia, Hungary, as well as the Czech Republic. The program of the fourth night, organized by the Culture and Art Association ‘Branko Radičević’, began with the participants’ parade, from the ‘Ljudevit Štur’ Primary School, ending at the CIC ‘Kisač’, where the troupes performed their traditional dances from their native countries.

In Novi Sad, July 4th 2015