Support for local planning and program budgeting

The City of Novi Sad is one of the local self-governments that have received technical assistance under another component of the Exchange5 program: Support for local planning and program budgeting. The program involves support at all stages of the budget cycle over three years, based on the methodologies of the Ministry of Finance, with the Standing Conference of Cities and Municipalities tasked with coordinating and providing concrete assistance to local self-governments.

Technical assistance relates to the review and analysis of the Budget Decision, workshops and regional training, the preparation of packages of documents and models necessary for the proper implementation of program budgeting in the preparation of the Budget Decision, as well as the preparation of reports on the effects of the budget program. Capital budgeting is addressed as an integral part of local planning processes, and support for program budgeting covers the horizontal topics of gender responsible budgeting, as well as the promotion of developing citizen budget guides. In addition, direct technical support was provided in the planning and budgeting process to test advanced document packages and prepare sample-based recommendations.