Mayor of Novi Sad Miloš Vučević and Head of the Mayor’s Office Aleksandar Petrović welcomed the delegation of the Chinese bus manufacturing company Yutong, consisting of Charles Hwang, Liu Xiafei and Zhang Zhemin, as well as the chairman of the board of directors of Neobus JSC Zoran Kijac. The topic of the meeting was restructuring of the Novi Sad bus manufacturing factory and cooperation with the Chinese giant in the field. Representatives of the Yutong industrial group informed the Mayor that Yutong Bus represents the core part of the company, covers 1.12 million m2 and is considered one of the most modern and technologically advanced centers for bus manufacturing in the world.

As Mayor Miloš Vučević pointed out, revitalization of the economy is the priority of this city government, therefore, the City will, together with the Novi Sad Public Transportation Company, provide the necessary support for establishing cooperation between Neobus JSC and the Chinese Yutong.

- Our goal is to help Serbian factories and companies undergo the much-needed reorganization, to take small steps in solving long-term problems, and to bring back the old glow to our economy. Without prosperous economy there is no development and growth, it is the prerequisite for increasing the standard of living of all citizens – said Mayor Miloš Vučević.

As it was said at the meeting, after Neobus JSC undergoes reorganization, the plan is to sign a Letter of Intent between Neobus JSC and Yutong as an official start of the cooperation, and that is expected to happen in 2014. The cooperation would imply that the Chinese company delivers parts to Neobus, while the buses, which would use diesel, gas and hybrid engine, would be assembled here.

Novi Sad, April 18th, 2013