Mayor of the City of Novi Sad Mr. Miloš Vučić requested from PC City Construction and Development the information on urban planning of the part of the city center, with regard to the insinuations by the Democratic Party that the recent removal of the trees in Miloša Bajića Street was intentional, contrary to plans, unlawful, and allegedly unbeknownst to the City Administration.
PC City Construction and Development informed relevant institutions confirming lawfulness of the removal, as well as observance of all valid regulations deriving from not only from the project documentation, but also from the concrete measures taken in the field. 
Works in Miloša Bajića Street in Novi Sad are performed in accordance with the Main Design on Traffic Surfaces around the Republika Square, as developed by the SC Vojvodinaprojekt. The design is developed on the basis of urban planning conditions issued by PC City Urban Planning No. 107132/14. Before these conditions were issued, the existing greenery at the location was valorized, and PUC City Greenery issued the pre-project conditions and its consent regarding the planned traffic surfaces No. 011-3875/1 of April 5th 2014.
It is therefore in no way careless and reckless removal of tree trunks and an entire park, as represented by the Democratic Party, but a rather complex project which possesses all the necessary permits and consents of competent institutions. Only a couple of the trees were removed, and it was done so according to plans in order to undisturbedly complete the roads, and the measures of removal were conducted in accordance with the already existing plans and observing all regulations.
City of Novi Sad will continue to function in all its relevant segments solely in the way as it has done so far – according to regulations, for the benefit of all its citizens, and we would hereby like to ask the Democratic Party not to deceive the public any more in order to obtain cheap political points.
In Novi Sad, July 7th 2015