A reliable, smart and secure Internet of Things for Smart Cities – SocIoTal

The City of Novi Sad is one of the partners in the SocIoTal project "A reliable, smart and secure Internet of Things for Smart Cities" approved under the European Union FP7 program. The basic idea of ​​the project is to design and implement tools and solutions that would enable people without sufficient IT knowledge, especially IoT (Internet of Things), to create applications and systems that can benefit them and their immediate environment - the building where they live in, street, neighborhood. Within the project, workshops were organized in local communities in the territory of Novi Sad and Belgrade, where citizens could submit proposals in accordance with the project's provisions. Within the SocIoTal pilot project, citizens who applied during workshops held in Novi Sad and Belgrade had the opportunity to participate in the testing of: Pilot project "Elevator Supervisor" that enables automatic monitoring of the distance covered by the elevator and automatic fault detection, as well as the possibility of alerting the fault to the elevator user; “The mood of the city” is a pilot project showing the degree of happiness, i.e. good mood in the city through the so-called happiness index - data that compiles environmental parameters obtained from sensors set up in the city as well as citizen feedback: mood detected by a smartphone camera and a questionnaire. The total value of the donation for the City of Novi Sad is 39,240.00 EUR, and the duration of the project is 36 months.