Member of the City Council in charge for Traffic and Roads Mr. Nеmаnjа Vukčеvić attended the public class on traffic safety ‘Safe Road from Home to School’, held within the ‘Children’s Week’ Manifestation.

- Our today’s event is dedicated to safe travel from home to school, and it is one more confirmation that the City of Novi Sad has been continually working on traffic safety education of our youngest ones. The figures show that 42% of children who participate in traffic as pedestrians are hurt or injured and 47% of them as traffic participants in vehicles. This is why our intention is to emphasize two things – proper street crossing and obligatory seat belt fastening – said Mr. Vukčеvić, and added that it is necessary to raise the awareness of drivers as well as of other traffic participants.

First-grade pupils of the ‘Kоstа Тrifkоvić’ Primary School and of the ‘Čupеrаk’ and ‘Speak up’ Kindergarten had the opportunity to learn about the traffic signs, intersections, as well as how to properly cross the street. Realization of the public class was assisted by the members of the Auto-Sports Club ‘PETRO MAX’.

In Nоvi Sаd, October 07th 2015