Member of the City Council in Charge for Traffic and Roads Mr. Nemanja Vukčević, MSc, attended the public class on traffic safety, held at the Štrand Beach main square with support from the Ministry of Construction, Traffic, and Infrastructure of the Republic of Serbia, within the project ‘Hit the Brake’.

- City of Novi Sad will support these events when the subject matter is traffic safety. We also commend the non-government organizations for their own initiative in organizing events such as this one, where our youngest traffic participants, but also those slightly older, can experience the unwanted traffic situations, but in fully safe environment and in perfectly safe conditions. – said Mr. Vukčević and took the opportunity to invite all participants also to attend the August 05th at the Sloboda Square and take part in yet another action whose aim is prevention, as well as improving of traffic safety, organized by the State Agency for Traffic Safety.

He also added that Novi Sad is only the first in a row of several hosting cities, and that all those who show interest will be able to try out traffic situations and incidents, such as sudden braking, and unfastened seatbelts, but in entirely safe environment.

Public class on traffic safety is realized by the members of the PETRO MAX Auto-Club, as well as by their peers from the Pinki Secondary School, who were in charge for education and instruction. Participants were able to try out the ‘drunken glasses’ – which show what it is like to drive under influence – but also the ‘SMS Street’, a range helping people realize what it is like when walking the street and typing SMS at the same time.

In Novi Sad, July 30th 2015