Mayor of the City of Novi Sad Mr. Miloš Vučević and Manager of the PUC City Greenery Mr. Aleksandar Bogdanović visited today works at the protective strip of the Oslobođenja Blvd, in the vicinity of the Futoška Market. The works are intended in order to protect the green surfaces from being treaded upon by the jaywalkers.
- I am very glad that our residents, strolling along the Oslobođenja Boulevard will have the pleasure to see a new design of the Boulevard, i.e. its median strip. Apart from its undisputable aesthetic value, these fences contribute to safety as well, since in this way we prevent the pedestrians from crossing the Boulevard at places which are not meant for the purpose. Median strips have their clear function, and they can also be used for additional embellishment of the city. I sincerely hope that the “City Greenery” will continue with this campaign and that all major routes in the city, where technical conditions allow for such projects, will be decorated just like the Boulevard right now. – said Mayor Vučević and extended his gratitude to the workers of the “City Greenery” who work in three shifts so that our city is immaculately embellished.
The protective 25 m-long fence is constructed at the Boulevard Oslobođenja median strip, at the Futoška Market southward, and from now on there will be planters with seasonal flowers.
In the same length, protective fence is constructed at the Futoška Street and Pavla Papa Street, which is where for the first time in Novi Sad the “City Greenery” will introduce double-bottom planters, i.e. containing water reservoirs enabling the flowers be watered every 10-15 days, which will considerably save water and costs of maintenance. At the Boulevard median strip, “City Greenery” will place two flower cones, and apart from the aforementioned works, the company will also place the double-bottomed planters on several dozen street lights at the main city square, thereby additionally decorating the Center. 
In Novi Sad, July 10th 2015