At the final lecture about the 2013 Action Plan for Development of Organic and Controlled Agricultural Production on the Territory of the City of Novi Sad, city representatives, professors from the Faculty of

Agriculture, a representative of the Certifying Authority from Subotica, as well as a representative of National Association for the Development of Organic Production addressed the attendees who came to hear about this type of agricultural production. Vladimir Vozar from Kisač shared his views rooted in his multi-decade experience in organic farming.
Member of the City Council in charge of economy Goran Sečujski, MSc, stated that organic farming is a big opportunity for agribusiness.

- Organic products are the result of organic production which implies the application of agricultural technical measures which exclude the use of synthetic and chemical substances. The main objective of organic farming is the production of high-quality food, development of sustainable agriculture that preserves ecosystems, etc. Organic farming helps rural communities and can be important for small farmers, as it offers an alternative market of organic products at relatively affordable prices. This type of agricultural production creates the possibility of shift from extensive to intensive farming, providing a stable inflow of products and revenue. There is also a great potential for project branding, as well as promotion of agrotourism, and not to mention the possibilities of opening new markets, especially on the world market, particularly in rich countries – said Mr. Sečujski.

A new handbook about organic farming for all those interested in this type of agricultural production was presented at the lecture.

The 2013 City Budget allocates 10 million RSD for the project of organic and controlled agricultural production. The project envisages measures for keeping record of and selecting agricultural producers, for estimating the possibilities of organic production on selected markets, program of professional training and education, subsidies, organization of fairs and participation at them, seminars and professional excursions, as well as popularization and promotion of products on the territory of the City of Novi Sad. For the first time, the Action Plan also envisages controlled production in agriculture.

In about ten days, an open call is expected to be issued for the agricultural farms interested in joining this year’s Action Plan for Organic and Controlled Production.

Novi Sad, March 15th, 2013