Member of the City Council in Charge for Utility Affairs Mr. Vladimir Stојkоvić, together with the Manager of PUC Put Mr. Željko Džakula, visited two sites at which workers of this company successfully perform construction works despite high temperatures.

Workers of PUC Put are currently performing works on laying of the top asphalt layer between the Rumenačka Street Roundabout, across the overpass, and until the Europe Boulevard Roundabout. The distance currently under construction is around 750 m, in both directions, and the works are performed within the 4th phase of European Boulevard Construction. The works are close to their final stage, the remainder being setup of the fence and of certain parts of the atmospheric sewers.

- Today we have seen in practice that measures adopted two days ago by the City Emergency Staff are being fully observed. Construction works within the City’s investment program are progressing without delay, which is of the utmost importance. As prescribed by the Emergency Staff Ordinance, labor process is organized in shifts, workers are provided with enough water, refreshment and rest, so they can have all the necessary conditions to work in these circumstances. – said Mr. Stојkоvić.

Following their visit at the Europe Boulevard, Member of the City Council in Charge for Utility Affairs and the Manager of PUC Put visited the workers of the PUC Put and PUC City Greenery working at the final stages of arranging the Vojvoda Bojović Street.

- In Vojvoda Bojović Street, workers of the PUC Put are setting slabs around manhole-covers, finalizing the earth works and landscaping of the street, as well as laying the asphalt layer in Dimitrija Avramovića Street, at the intersection with the Vojvoda Bojović Street. – said Manager Džakula and pointed out that this street will be completely done by tomorrow. 

Following several months of archeological excavations at the former St. John’s Cemetery, PUC Put completed all asphalt works in the part of this street from the Braće Jovandić Street until the Vojvode Šupljikca Street, while the remaining parts had been completed two months earlier.

In Novi Sad, July 22nd 2015